Rosina here. Happy Tuesday!  I hope you\’ve had a great day!

I got up, got ready and drove over to my friend\’s house to pick her up, only to find out that she didn\’t have school today so she didn\’t need me to take her lol.

Well, I got a lot more done because of it!

I finished putting links in a couple of member areas I\’ve been working on for a new product I think people are going to find incredibly useful.

And I filmed the videos to go inside one of those.

And I did a bunch of research.

And dug into Facebook (which I am trying to learn not to hate) for a while.

It\’s been a busy day!

What did you get accomplished this day? 

Whether it be something massive or something small like writing one email, tell me about it.

I am just starting to read \”Start With Why\” by Simon Sinek. 

I think it is going to be a very powerful book.

It\’s already got me thinking and all I\’ve read is the introduction.

Even before the cover page he says \”There are leaders and there are those who lead….Those who lead inspire us.\”

Think about that for a moment and consider who inspires you.

Who is that?

Why do they inspire you?

Now let\’s consider traffic for a moment.

There are essentially three ways to get traffic – buy it, borrow it, or create it.

Which way do you get most of your traffic?

Why? And what specific method do you use?

I look forward to hearing yours and I promise that I will share with you what I do to get traffic.

Traffic Magic is, of course, an excellent way to get traffic.

Have you signed up yet?

If not, go give it a try… first month is free, you know!

Which of the three ways of getting traffic does it fit into do you think?

To your success!


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