JST, Genesis 50:28

And he shall bring them to the knowledge of the covenants which I have made with thy fathers; and he shall do whatsoever work I shall command him.


Joseph of Egypt prophesied of Joseph Smith and what he would do in the latter days. One of those things would be to reveal the covenants made to the tribes of Israel. This is how we know so much about them and have the ordinances and covenants available to us now. 


I am grateful today for Elder Clark of the Seventy who came and spoke with us at the stake conference today. I also got the chance to shake his hand and introduce myself.

Random Thoughts

We had a wonderful Stake Conference the last two days. It was late when I got home yesterday so I didn\’t get the chance to write.

Last night\’s meeting was a lot about missionary work. Today was a lot about temple work and ministering.

One young woman told about her friend who reached out to her when she was sick and helped her through the hard time she was having. It was a beautiful story.

Three things I did good today…

  • I went to stake conference.
  • I reviewed the home inspection report for my new house.
  • I read my scriptures and got a lot out of them.

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