Keep The Commandments

Leviticus 19:37

Therefore shall ye observe all my statutes, and all my judgments, and do them: I am the Lord.


The Lord reminds us again to keep the commandments. It brings us spiritually closer to Him when we do.


I am grateful for all my siblings and the chance to talk to each of them.

Random Thoughts

I spent a lot of time talking to Heather and Shari today and getting to know their feelings about what all is going on and sharing mine. No one is happy about what\’s going on but none of us can change it, and the surgery is done now. I also talked to my therapist so I got to express things there as well and that was good.

I talked to Dad too. He mostly wanted to know if I had talked to the Bishop yet, which I hadn\’t at the time, and what I wanted to talk to him about. So I told him that I wanted to let him know what was going on and where we all are in this. He was okay with it and told me the Bishop didn\’t know a whole lot, which he didn\’t. He also had this idea that he and mother would be able to go to Kaylien\’s graduation. I told him in no uncertain terms that there was no way mother could go to the graduation, that he could go, but mother would not be able to. I\’m not sure he really got it, but I hope it sinks in and he starts to be more realistic about her recovery prospects or lack thereof. He has this rosey view of what\’s going to happen and he has to understand that it\’s not. She\’s not going to get better, she\’s not going to be able to function independently, and she\’s definitely not coming home. But he is latched onto a view that is simply not the case. She\’s an 80 year old woman with a lot of health problems, she\’s not going to recover, not that she could anyway, this cancer is terminal, but she\’s not realistically going to get back much function at all and certainly not better than she was right before the surgery, which was not very good. And if they proceed with chemo or radiation like he says they are she\’s just going to be more miserable and less able.

As you may have guessed, I talked to his Bishop today and the Relief Society President too in a 3-way call. They are now informed about the situation and we also talked about the support they can give now and the future support that mom and especially dad will need. Oh and we talked about the counseling my dad is going to need and that he\’s not going to take it from a therapist or any of us kids but that he might from the Bishop. They were very supportive and understanding of all that is going on now that they know the details. Dad said he was going to send out information today to the ward members. I hope he did. The Bishop and RS President asked if I wanted them to keep it under wraps until then and I suggested that they try, but that should tell who they needed to to be supportive. They said many ward members have been asking and want to know and want to know what they can do and that they love her. He has a very supportive ward – he needs to learn to share with them and receive their support.  I told both of them to call me any time. We also discussed supporting Lorelei who\’s also struggling with this and Dad won\’t let her talk to anyone.

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