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Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great day!

Thank you so much if you were one of the people who sent me well wishes hoping I\’d feel better.  

I so appreciate your messages!

I do feel better today, thank you. I still have a little headache but it is much better.

I got distracted this evening learning a new thing about Campaigns in Clickmagic lol. 

So I am late getting started on my writing, but I will write anyway!

Today, let me introduce you to my new course I told you a bit about last week!

It\’s so exciting!

This is my gift to you.

If you want to see it even before I tell you about it, CLICK HERE.

If you want me to tell you about it, keep reading 😀

I am putting together my Success Journey so you can follow me and grow your success as well.

It only has a few things in it now, and they are mostly resources, but it will continue to grow and explore things like:

  • What Success means to me and the freedom it brings and how you can get to freedom as well.
  • My daily journey, so you can see the good and the bad
  • How to build your online business with resources and training about traffic, list building, affiliate marketing, building effective funnels, and much more.
  • Tips, tricks and how to videos to using tools you need to accomplish your goals
  • The importance of your mindset

It will include these daily updates and much more!

Join me and get on this Success Journey to the freedom in life you desire!

Click here and sign up now.

Remember, it\’s free (though it won\’t likely stay that way), so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I want to take you with me on this wonderful Success Journey!

Building out this Success Journey won\’t happen overnight, so expect it to grow a little at a time.

You\’ll see the paths I am taking and why and what I am doing with them so you can evaluate them yourself before you jump in.

And as I learn new things, I will put them in there for you to share in.

You\’ll be able to get my honest assessment of tools and resources I have used or evaluated.  Things I might not put in a public review.  I plan to include a rating system in this.

You\’ll be able to add your comments to things as well, so you can tell me if you agree with me or disagree with me and why. (Coming soon, the platform doesn\’t have this capability yet, but they are working on it)

And you\’ll be able to suggest new resources and training or point out problems I need to work on – either technically or in my business/life.

It\’s going to be SO much fun!

Click here and join in!

I\’ve tested all of it as thoroughly as I can, but there\’s bound to be some things I missed, so please let me know if you run into any troubles or even if there\’s just something you see right off that needs improving 😆.

Please let me know what traffic sources you\’d like me to cover. Just reply to this email and tell me.  And we\’ll pick up with traffic sources again tomorrow.

Get your copy of Start With Why . It truly is a great book! Be sure to get your own copy.

To your success!


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