Rosina here.  Happy Thursday!  Hope you had an exciting day!

I certainly did!  I got up and found that Warrior+ had approved my Traffic Magic offer! Yay! And very exciting!

So, around the Christmas party today I\’ve been trying to make sure everything is in place and working right!

I haven\’t quite succeeded yet, but wait until I tell you the special deal I have planned for you that I thought up today!

So, I went to the Christmas party at the school for the blind with my friend that I drive there. 

It was very good and we had a fun time.

They didn\’t have a band like I thought they said, but they did have a choir, a choral group called Prime Time Choraliers.  

It was a senior group of singers and they were very good.  One couple that we talked to during lunch were 84 and 86 years old!.

They were an excellent choral group. They sang many familiar Christmas songs and even some I had never heard before.  

They sang one of my favorite, but less well known songs \”Mary, Did You Know\”.

Then they had several of the students perform. One of them sang \”Santa, Baby\” and she was very good. 

Santa came with his jingle bells and brought treats to everyone and the elves helped pass out gifts that some of the students (including ones from my friend) brought for all of the other students.

And we had an excellent lunch of prime rib, twice baked potatoes and vegetables. Their cook is very, very good.

Games in the afternoon while my friend and her friends talked about some plans they are making together.

All in all, a great party.

I came home, did my marketing tasks and got back to work on Traffic Magic.

So, I bet you\’re wondering… What exactly is this Traffic Magic thing she\’s been talking about?

Lol, I\’d be wondering too!

Well let me tell you about it…

As online marketers, whether for our own products or affiliate products or network marketing products or e-com products or whatever, one of our biggest problems is TRAFFIC!  

Right!?! It\’s something you\’re always searching for. 

And you want really good traffic. People who will see your products and BUY.

And traffic is getting more and more expensive!  

Running ads on Google will generally cost you $2.96 per click across all niches and even more in the MMO niche!

Solo ads will cost you around $1/click or more.

And with either of those sources, you don\’t know if those clicks come from buyers or just freebie seekers.

And I could go on.

You could do free traffic as well and spend a TON of time posting or clicking for credits, etc.

But, I have a solution for you…

Traffic Magic is an exclusive traffic service to consistently and magically bring real traffic to your links.  

And not just any traffic, this will be PROVEN BUYER traffic.

It takes only 5 minutes to set up, then it will bring you BUYER traffic every single month on AUTOPILOT, no more work, no more fuss and less than $5 a month.

Sheesh, you can\’t even get 2 clicks on Google for that and Traffic Magic will bring you around 30 to our goal of around 300 clicks of BUYER traffic for less than $5.

So what about that special deal I mentioned?

So here\’s the thing. I\’m just starting this traffic service and getting it off the ground.  

So, I\’m going to give all of my friends an extra $1 off the price so instead of being $4.97 per month it will be $3.97 per month for the rest of your life, if you will promise to give me a review and/or feedback on my funnel.

As you can see, it\’s already low priced for all you\’ll get, but that extra dollar off will save you TONS over the course of your lifetime.

Now, I can\’t do this forever, so it will be limited to the first 500 subscribers or until January 1st, whichever comes first. 

So don\’t wait, the spots will go fast and it probably won\’t last nearly until January 1st!

I made my offer public and within 5 minutes got my first affiliate, so you know this is going to be HOT.

So how do I get it, you ask?

Simply send me an email, ask to be added to my friends list and for the special link to Traffic Magic!

To your success!


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