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Imaging Your Dream Customer

Rosina here.  Happy Saturday!  I hope your weekend is wonderful.

I had the wonderful job of cleaning up the house and yard today and doing the laundry lol.  Not always the most fun in the world, but it\’s all got to be done.

My house isn\’t a whole lot cleaner but the yard is cleaned up of dog poop and the laundry is done for another week.

I also spent some time on a new course I\’m learning from and playing with a free graphics program by clickfunnels that\’s similar to canva though it lacks some features of canva.

I\’m still wondering how they did a gradient in a shape in one of their template projects. I couldn\’t find any way to duplicate it and none of the settings in the template seemed to control it.

I put a request in to their support to see if they will shed some light on it. But they are offline until Monday so I won\’t get a quick answer.

Have you imaged your dream customer?

It\’s really the place to start when you are looking at promoting something. 

You have to know who your dream customer is, then you can determine where they congregate and so where you need to go to find them.

And when you know who your dream customer is you will be able to imagine what will attract them and create copy that will get their attention.

Spend some time writing down the attributes of your dream customer and give them a name.

Have you had a chance to play with Clickfunnels 2.0 yet?  I really like what they\’ve done with the courses and I can\’t wait to build one in it. In fact I\’ve started one. It\’s one I have the foundations of in 1.0 and I\’m seeing how I can make it look in 2.0.

Click here and join the Your First Funnel Challenge and get in on the Clickfunnels 2.0 trial.

The Challenge starts Monday, so get your registration in!

Dawud Islam launched another traffic oriented product,  Send Your Mails 2.0, to show where you can mail 500K per day without a list.

Check out Send Your Mails 2.0 here.

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