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Imagination – The Fourth Level Of Value

Rosina here.  Happy Friday!  I hope you had a good day.

The weekend is here!

I spent much of the day working on that new site and having a fun time doing some funnel hacking.  

It was fun to figure out how to do things in my page builder to make my page look similar to another one that I already know is working.

Being a former software engineer, I do enjoy that technical stuff.  And the creativity is great fun!

Are you ready for the weekend?  Got some great plans?

I have plans to go to a Trunk or Treat my church is having and give out candy to the kids and see all their halloween costumes. 

It\’s also a chili cook-off, so I\’ll probably get to eat some good chili.  I\’m not much of a cook, so I\’m not making any myself.

Just a quick heads up, because of that Trunk or Treat I may not get to write tomorrow night. I\’ll try to write, but no promises.

Are you excited for the fourth level of value?

Remember that how much value we provide creates the income we receive.

The first three levels of value, Implementation, Unification, and Communication are also on my blog in case you missed them.

So what is the fourth and final level of value?


You use your mind to make money.  The other resource you use with your mind to make money is money. 

Your mind is your greatest resource for creating wealth.

These are the people who find ways to access other people\’s money and then produce a huge return by investing it wisely.

There is no limit to their income. It just depends on how wisely they can use their mind.

Do you fit in the imagination level?

This is where I\’d most like to be and while I have done some things in this level, it\’s certainly very limited. So, this is my goal to use my mind to create wealth.

So, now we\’ve covered the four levels of value. Do you see where you fit and the income you can receive?

Watch for my next email, I have another interesting topic to cover.

I want to introduce you to The Formula

This is a great system my friend and mentor, Albie, put together to help people get started in business with little or no money. 

It has an option for those with some money to get started faster, but the focus is on bootstrapping your way to that part that costs money.

You will have to commit to time to work on it. Like anything, you have to put in time or money to get a result. If you don\’t have money, then you have to put in time.  

But it works and you WILL get there!

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