My plan today was to make a review video or maybe even two. I got everything ready to do it and sat down with my new recording software … and I couldn\’t get it to work properly!

I know what the problem is with it – it\’s not requesting all the permissions it needs to access the microphone and camera. But I couldn\’t find any way to give it those correct permissions and none of the help documents had any solution. 

I spent a long time on it and I didn\’t get the recording done heh. 

I was hoping to use this new software and that it would be lighter weight and not burden my computer so badly while I am recording like OBS does. 

 I\’ll have to wait until their support team gets back to me and use OBS in the mean time.

I did finish a new low content book and put it up for sale on amazon though. It takes a little bit for the processing at amazon, so I\’ll announce it officially as soon as amazon completes their processing and makes it available.

Well I\’ve gone on long enough about my day so let\’s get to some more substance.

Today I was reading about the fifth step to riches – Imagination. 

Imagination is incredibly important in your path to riches. Through the aid of imagination we harness Nature\’s forces. Through the aid of imagination we see our goals and how to achieve them.

But imagination goes both ways. The only limitation to our achieving our success is that which one sets up in one\’s own mind.

Think strongly about that and set your imagination in tune with your desires.

Now I want to share with you the product I was making the review video for. TEACHING MATRIX is a new revolutionary e-learning platform. And it will help you build and market your courses. It\’s an amazing platform, and the front end is free for 5 courses and up to 100 students.

Click here to take a look at it for yourself!

Ignore the blank spot on the page, that\’s where my review video will go when I get it recorded. (If you\’re seeing this in the future the blank spot might even not be there 🙂

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