Rosina here.  Happy Weekend! Hope you’re having a great one and getting much done!

Well I finally did it.

I got off the fence and took the first step acting on a big decision.

I told the first professional who is involved about my decision.

I still have other important people to tell, people who I know will try to talk me out of it.

But this is not a decision I make lightly and I’m scared to death to do it.

But I’ve been thinking about it for some time and I have felt strongly inspired to make this decision.  

I know it’s the right one.

I’m not ready to talk about it publicly yet, as I said there are other important professionals involved who must know first.

But I took the first step and I wanted to celebrate.

Other than being caught up with that big deal, I spent the day working on Path To Online Wealth and learned a lot about themes and LearnDash!

I jumped right into it this morning without even doing my regular housecleaning or anything (well, I did take the dog for a walk, and have breakfast, but little else)… I’ll have to make up for that soon, lol.

It was fun and I’m excited it’s coming together so well.

The next step will be MemberPress and an application page.

Then I’ll be ready to take it off staging and have it go live!


Memberpress will probably take me a bit of time as I have other things to work on too this week and marketing and RPAs must take priority.

But take a look at the course pages and tell me what you think.

They’re not as good as I would like them to be, but they will work 🙂

I was listening to Russell Brunson today while driving to the grocery store and he was talking about how important it is to be 100% present in whatever you are doing.

And that has definitely described me the last couple days working on that, lol.

So, I promised you a source of things you can give away…

Have you ever heard of PLR?

Do you know what PLR is?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights and it is a type of licensing people can give you when they give you products.

It means that the person who wrote it is letting you take it, put your name on it and publish it as your own.

Now, be careful… Don’t go out there and grab up all the PLR stuff you can and get your hands on.

A lot of stuff with PLR rights is junk.

And you don’t want to be known as someone who produces junk.

Also, if everyone out there puts their name on the exact same book or course or whatever, people will start to know that you didn’t really write it.

You can do that if you want, but there’s a better way.

PLR can be useful, when it’s quality PLR.

And when you use it right.

So, next week (since tomorrow is Sunday and I don’t write on Sunday :), I’m going to spend some time on how you can use PLR right.

For today, here’s one of my sources of PLR, something that you can get for next to nothing and give away.

Write me back, tell me what you think.

To your success!


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