Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday!  Hope your Tuesday was great!

I didn’t have to go anywhere today (well I should have gone to get some bloodwork done but it will wait another day or two, lol).

And I didn’t have any webinars to attend.

And I’d gotten through all of my email yesterday afternoon, so I only had a little from the night to go through.

So… other than a few phone calls to and from people I needed to talk to, I had a whole day to concentrate and focus…

And concentrate and focus I did!

What an awesome day!

I got a bunch of work done for my local businesses site and that is definitely taking shape with services I can offer those who sign up.

And I got some marketing done.

And I even got some work done on Path To Online Wealth so that I think I know how to do the membership stuff now – though with a different plugin than I originally planned.

So, now that I know how, I just have to implement, lol. 

And implementation is always what takes time…

So on to using PLR…

Now that you know how not to use PLR…

What SHOULD you do?

The one simple answer is… Use it to make your own stuff!

Pick up some PLR about keto diets for example and make your own stuff about list building.

You can use it as a basis.

You can use it for ideas.

You can even use good PLR for structure.

You can take the good things you learn from several PLRs and put them together to make your own unique products.

But… doesn’t creation take forever!

Not really, and the more practice you have at it, the faster it will go.

Some things you can do in an hour or even less.

Remember you’re not starting with a blank slate, you’ve got something to work from, you’ve got the PLR you started with.

But… like what exactly can I make?

Okay, over the next few days we’ll talk about some specific implementations, starting with some very easy ones you can get done in waayyyy less than an hour, maybe in 15 minutes once you create yourself some good templates.

I’ll even show you some tools you can use to help make things go even faster.

So keep tuning in!

And find out what you can do!

So here’s yet another source of PLR for you, check it out!

Write me back, tell me what you think and what you think you might do with PLR to give something away.

To your success!


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