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How Willing Are You?

I was re-reading Elder Kevin W Pearson\’s (of the Seventy) conference address from this past October General Conference titled \”Are You Still Willing?\”  and it got me to thinking.

Elder Pearson asks

\”Is our own spiritual foundation built solidly on Jesus Christ?\”

He goes on to say…

\”The Church is a gathering place for imperfect individuals who love God and who are willing to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.  That willingness is rooted in the reality that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. This divine truth can be known only by the power of the Holy Ghost. Therefore, our willingness is directly proportionate to the amount of time we commit to be inn holy places where the influence of the Holy Ghost is present.\”

Amos, who we were studying this week in Come Follow Me, also made an interesting point when he was talking about the evil the Israelites were doing, \”…shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not known it?\” (JST Amos 3:6).  And it applies to the good as well as the evil.

The Lord knows what we are doing. He knows if we are willing.  He knows where we build our foundation. And he will help us when we are doing the right things with a willing heart.

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