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Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a great one!


I got up this morning and my back was feeling much better!  It didn’t hurt quite so much to get up off the bed today.


The muscle relaxant does seem to be helping!  It also makes me a little tired, but I can live with that while this heals.


It got worse as the day went on, but it’s still not as bad as it was over the weekend. 


So hopefully that’s all a good sign!


As I was driving to and back from the imaging center for the x-ray, I was listening to Russell Brunson’s podcast.


He’s always got great things to learn from and in this one he was talking about structuring an offer.


He gave me some great ideas to work on as I restructure and publish the things I want to offer.


I always learn so much from him. If you haven’t heard his podcast, you should definitely listen to it – he has great things to say.


So, have you checked out the new face of  What did you think?


PathToOnlineWealth,com is also getting major facelifte and a total restructuring.  It will be totally different!  


If you want to take a peek at it before I’m done, I’ll let you!  It’s at


I only barely started on it this afternoon (before that I was writing content and working out what the internal structure will look like)… so don’t expect anywhere close to a finished product! lol


But you can take a look ☺️. And give me feedback! Tell me what you like or don’t like about it!  


Oh I just remembered, it’s behind a password protection, so sorry, you won’t get to see it yet. 


As it progresses you can get som hints as to what the internal structure will be like… I’m not sure if I should be revealing that, but… I am… lol.


Most of the page is just from the template I used right now, so don’t get too crazy about what’s on there. When I’m writing this the only thing done is the intro, lol.


Now, what about traffic…


Let’s move off of blogging platforms (there certainly are more of those you can discover on your own).


Let’s look at!


A Group in is like a group in Facebook only in email. reminds me of good old fashioned mailing lists with a web interface as well.


With these old fashioned mailing lists, you would send an email to one email address and it would resend it to everyone on the mailing list.


It was my favorite way of having.a community back in the old days!


I ran several mailing lists myself, one of which was a shared writing game… and it was incredibly fun! I had some great characters in a Star Trek based universe… But I digress lol.


Through the web interface you can filter what types of messages you want to see so that you don’t get every single email every single person on the list sends.  


This is something we didn’t have in the old days… if you were on a list, you got every single mail sent to it.


So, what to do:

  • Sign up for and join a few niche-related groups
  • Read the mail from the group and take note of the types of emails being sent to it and what works – what kind of content is it? strictly informative? information with a pitch? hard promos? etc.
  • Send email to the group, following the pattern of what is working for others in the group.
  • Try your hand at creating your own group.


  • You get to read in your favorite email client, using all the tools it gives you!
  • People in the group are probably interested in what you have since they joined the group.
  • Traffic quality is good – any clicks are coming from someone interested in what you have.
  • You can post links directly in your post – no having to private message people.
  • Email is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.
  • You can easily schedule posts for various times in most email clients (possibly with an addon)


  • People may be in the group yet not active, so some posts are not going to be read by everyone.
  • You can easily get inundated with mail, so it’s a good idea not to use your primary email address, but do use one that you check often.
  • Groups up to 100 are free, but once you get over that (and you definitely want to be over that), it does cost money.

My opinion of as a traffic source gets 3,000,000 visitors a month, mostly from the US. That’s a lot of traffic to be had. I think it’s an excellent source of great quality traffic and easy to use.


So what do you think of  Going to give it a try?


Be sure to write me back and tell me what your thoughts!


To your success!



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