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Google’s Priority Inbox and Unread First

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday!  Hope you had a great one!

I kept very busy today!

I had to go through about a zillion emails… okay, maybe not really a zillion, but it was far too many, lol.

Email can really bog you down if you let it.

That’s why I like Gmail’s Priority Inbox setting. 

That way it can sort things automatically into what I do need to look at, what I’ve starred so must be important, and what I probably don’t need to really look at, but should at least glance through to make sure no actually important messages were mislabeled by Google.

It’s not perfect by any means, sometimes it marks things as important aren’t (usually because at one point they were important to me, but I’ve since changed my mind about them and for some reason Google can’t read my mind…) and sometimes it marks things as not important that actually are.

But if I just change the importance of them by hand, Google starts to learn about those types of messages.

On the one hand, it’s a little scary that Google can actually do this and be right most of the time… on the other hand it’s a helpful tool.

So, if you haven’t tried Gmail’s Priority Inbox setting, I suggest you try it.

When you click the gear icon and the sidebar pops up, scroll down to where it says “Inbox type” and select “Priority Inbox”.

Give yourself a little time to get used to it, because it’s a big switch from sorting all the mail yourself.

In my support Support email account, I actually use the Unread first setting.

That works there because it doesn’t get a lot of random emails that aren’t important. 

Pretty much anything that comes to support@* is important and needs to be reviewed.

So, the Unread First setting automatically divides the emails into what is most important – ie. anything that is new – and everything else – all the mails that have been read and waiting for responses.

However, there’s still a chance that a mail that needs review may go to Spam or Promotions and not be seen… in fact, I found one yesterday in Spam from a month ago or so where that was the case – it was an important email I needed to see.

I apologized profusely to the sender, but that got me thinking about a better support option…

And, I may actually change to a ticket system for support emails on my sites. 

I happened to learn, today, about what that might suit and is free (for just the basics, of course, there are more advanced offerings) and offers what I need.

Amazing how things happen just when you are thinking about them!

I knew about this system, but I didn’t realize the free option and had never taken a closer look at it.

Most of the ticket systems I’ve checked out before are either too difficult to use and train my VA on, are two expensive for my light-weight use, or don’t offer what I need at the most basic level and so force you to upgrade to higher levels and pay for more than you are ready for to get what should be the basics.

I’m sure they are great for businesses with a dedicated support staff, but that’s not me, at least not yet.

So, there you go, my take on Google’s inbox settings and a little note about ticketing support systems in case you need a support system (and if you have any of your own products, support is the #1 most important thing for retention).

In case you’re wondering, I got caught up on doing stuff for an RPA today, so didn’t get any work done on the My First Website Challenge today, maybe tomorrow, but unfortunately I have some errands that I need to run and non-business appointments to attend to, so maybe not… we’ll see, I can always hope!

Meanwhile, I still would appreciate any comments or reviews on what I do have ready.


Step 1: Your Domain

Step 2: Hosting & DNS

I also worked on the new homepage for Path To Online Wealth and it’s coming together nicely.

And you can still get a preview of the upcoming Path To Online Wealth rebuild!  

Take a look at it here.

It’s still not finished, as you can tell from the “Lorem ipsum…” pieces

But you can start to see what I’m aiming for with this and what the page is going to look like in the end.

 Write me back and tell me your thoughts! Or just ask for more info 😃.

To your success!


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