Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday!

Oh, it\’s been a day!  I received phone calls from two of my sisters and my Dad to tell me that… 

My aunt had a stroke last night and isn\’t expected to live. They give her five to seven days and have her just on pain meds in the waiting game.  She\’s 90+ and indicated she was ready to go earlier this year, but still…

My sister (who\’s husband died earlier this year) brother-in-law died this morning (they think a heart attack, but he was only 45ish). And she\’s close with her in-laws.

That makes three deaths in the family and extended family this year and soon to be four – my sister\’s husband, my mother, my sister\’s brother-in-law, and soon to be my aunt.

Oh it\’s been a day!  I\’m sending love and praying for comfort for all my family.  I ask for your prayers of comfort as well.  Thank you.

Despite all that, I managed to outline and start filling in the details on the learning centered sites guide and made a logo and several possible ebook covers.

I\’d like your input on the covers and logo since hopefully you\’ll be a contributor and thus one of the authors of this guide.

Click here and vote for your favorite!

Did you do some research and find some learning centered sites?  Did you send them in to me?  I\’m looking forward to seeing what we all find for our guide!  Be sure to send me your contribution right away! 

Let\’s talk a little more about promoting your online course…

Your goal with all your promotion is to get your offer directly in front of the person who needs it, because that means guaranteed sales!

Of course, that\’s really your goal with all offers you promote, not just online courses.

You just have to remember that always. Your goal is to get your offer in front of the person who needs it.

The ways we talked about yesterday will help you do that.

But there\’s another way to do that we didn\’t talk about…

We\’ll talk about that tomorrow, so be sure to watch for my email!

And don\’t forget to send me your contributions! And vote for your favorite ebook cover!

Want to learn more about the things I talk about?   Reply back with the subject \”Tell me more\”.  

To your success!

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