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General Conference and Changing What’s Next

Rosina here.  Happy April Fools Day!  Did anybody fool you greatly?


Since it’s just me and the dog and the cat here, there was no one around to play April Fools jokes on or to play them on me, lol.


Oh, and I was just kidding about it being Easter weekend… Easter’s not until next weekend, lol!


I had a marvelous day watching General Conference though.


There were some incredible messages from the wonderful leaders of the Church.


And I got inspired by a few things I need to work on and continue working on.


It’s wonderful to be able to watch conference wherever I’m at. 


I remember when you had to actually go to the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City to see Conference and if you couldn’t go, you just had to wait for the church publications.


In some locations you could hear it on the radio.


Then it started being broadcast on TV, but mostly only to those in the Utah area, but it made it so more people were able to see it.


Then as broadcasting technology got better, it was broadcast to the stake centers throughout the North Americas.


So, those in North America were able to go to their local church building and attend conference.


Slowly the broadcast technology got better and more and more of the world – at last first world countries – were able to see it at their stake centers.


And it started being translated in more and more languages.


Now with streaming technology, anyone with access to the internet can watch on YouTube or any of the streaming channels that carry it, anyone in the whole world.


And it is translated into some 100+ languages (I believe that’s the number) and streamed to countries in their language.


People just 50 years ago would never have imagined that.


In fact, just 20 years ago, they probably wouldn’t have imagined that.


Wow, it’s amazing what the Lord has done, just to make it possible for all of his children in the whole world to listen to the prophet, in these so few years.


And the Church has grown tremendously too. I forget the numbers, but it’s huge.  


Shamelss missionary plug…


If you would like to learn more about Christ and the blessings He has for you, please visit or ask me and I will send you more.


On another topic, I got a call today from the young woman I take to the school for the blind.


She still had another week of holiday, so I wasn’t expecting to hear from her quite yet.


Still, it was good news for her. 


She got accepted to an institute for the blind where she can learn to live independently and maybe even get a job again!


She’ll be there at least a year and leaves in just a few days!


So I won’t be going down to the school for the blind anymore – that’s good news for my business as it was hard to get much done on those days, lol.


I will miss seeing her, though, as we had some great talks in the car to and from the school.


But, I’m very happy for her. That was great news for her.


For now though, as I spent 6 hours watching Conference, I didn’t get much else done – as I predicted, lol.


The hours before and between sessions were filled with housekeeping and watching the World Report (another broadcast by the Church that tells about some of the things the Church is doing throughout the world, this one recorded, not live).


I did, however, spend a little time planning.


And I realized that I promised you help in setting up a website, but I haven’t fulfilled on that promise yet.


So, I’m going to delay the list building and spend a week or so, doing the website one first and keep that promise.


I already have an outline for two versions of it – one, quick and dirty, get your website up and running in an hour or so (this is the one I’ll do) – this one is mostly the how’s, with just a little explanation of the strategy and why’s -, and one for a longer version of it that spends more time on the why’s so you really understand what you are doing – I’ll do this one eventually, but not right now.


It’ll take me more than an hour to put everything together, lol, so you won’t get it all at once and do it in an hour; you’ll get it over the space of a week or so, but it should take you 15 min or less most days.


It’s easy to get your site up and running in less than an hour, but it’ll probably take you a bit more than that the first time around.


So, get excited, we’ll start that on Monday!


Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out this list building course and get started making some commissions.


Eg. Don’t wait for me to get started list building!


So, write me back and tell me how excited you are for the website building and list building!


To your success!



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