Exodus 40

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In this chapter the Lord lays out how to set up the tabernacle. In the setup and use of the tabernacle we can see so many symbols of Christ and eternal life.


Today I am grateful that my Dad gave me permission to speak to his bishop.

Random Thoughts

I spoke with Holly and Lorelei today and found I am not the only one concerned about the decision to do the surgery and what it means for Mother\’s quality of life what remains of it.

I also talked to Dad and he told me she is doing well, but that she couldn\’t remember anything after the surgery and was groggy and tired. Not surprising at all. 

I reminded him that when she passes, that\’s not the end, that he will see her again and they will be together. He thanked me for the reminder and I will keep reminding him – he needs to get it through his head.

I also told him that I\’d like to talk to his bishop and thankfully (and surprisingly) he said yes. I\’ve called Bishop Lund, but didn\’t get ahold of him. Hopefully he\’ll call me back tomorrow.

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