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Free Traffic Or Paid Traffic?

Rosina here.  Happy Saturday!  I hope your weekend is going well!

Twice this week I missed writing to you… Shame on me!

Then again, I was attending to other things in my life which are as important, if not more important than business.

And the advantage of being an entrepreneur is the freedom it gives you. 

You don\’t have to report to anyone or ask permission to do other things than work, lol.

Isn\’t that why we want to be entrepreneurs…

So, last night, I went to a bridal shower for a young friend soon to be married.

It was a great party and it was wonderful to see her and meet her in-laws to be.

She\’s away at college most of the time, in Rexburg, Idaho, and I am no longer in the same ward with her family, so I don\’t see her or them as much as I used to.

Anyway, it was a great party. 

And she loved my gift – the wonderfully soft lap blanket that I got at the service auction earlier this week. I decided it would be a perfect gift for her, so I parted with it.

So, I have spent some time studying some traffic methods today.

Of which a good portion of time was spent on paid versus free traffic – which I also mentioned briefly on Thursday.

The person who I was studying is a strong proponent of paid traffic, so of course he did not have much good to say about free traffic.

I believe in using both free and paid traffic sources.

But as he says, \”Free traffic is never free\”. 

And, of course, he is right. 

If you don\’t pay with your money, you are going to pay with your time or with someone else\’s time – which of course you have to pay for – either in money (which of course makes the traffic not free) or in some kind of exchange.

You are always paying for traffic in some way.

Even your time is not free.

But using \”free\” traffic methods, and dedicating your time to them means you don\’t have the initial outlay of money.

You pay for it, in that you spend your time on that activity instead of other money making activities, but you don\’t have to pay money you may not have.

So in that way, free traffic sources can be beneficial.

But you have to keep in mind that free traffic methods are generally not scalable.

Even if you are using your own time to implement them so you don\’t have to pay money, there are only so many hours in a day and when you use them all to generate traffic, the only way you can scale more is to pay someone to do the activity for you, making it no longer free. 

Maybe over the next week or two we\’ll talk about various traffic sources, both free and paid, what is involved in implementing them and positives and negatives.

I think that will make some excellent topics for a while!

I\’ve investigated and used a lot of different traffic sources.

Are there any specific traffic sources you\’d like me to cover?  Reply and ask, and I\’ll cover them!  

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To your success!


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