Forgiveness Includes Forgiving Ourselves

Doctrine & Covenants 58:42

Behold, he who has arepented of his bsins, the same is cforgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more.


The Lord remembers our sins no more when we repent. We should do likewise. An essential part of forgiveness is forgiving ourselves. We will make mistakes but we can repent and when we do we can and should forgive ourselves and \”remember our sins no more\”.


I am grateful today for a real estate agent who is very helpful and making sure I have what I need.

Random Thoughts

Anthony Morrison, in his Success Connection today, challenged us to write down 3 things each day that we have done good that day. He\’s doing it as a contest in the Facebook group but since I won\’t be here and able to post in the Facebook group all week, I think I will do it here where it will be recorded for me to remember.  He aimed it specifically at business wins but I think I will expand it to include anything good I did especially on the weekends and other times when I am kept from doing a lot of business work.

  • I sorted through some of my tax information, getting started on the things needed to finish my taxes.
  • I got in contact with the solar company to get the issues for the transfer of the solar agreement straightened out.
  •  I learned more about the business we are building on the Success Connection.

I have a busy day tomorrow and I don\’t know how much time I\’ll be able to spend on business work and I have a lot of things that I need to go through for my taxes so what time I have I will work on that, that is an essential part of business that must be done even if it isn\’t directly involved in making money.

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