For Thoughts and Prayers

Rosina here. Happy Tuesday!  I hope you had a great day! 🤪

I have a medical treatment again tomorrow. And the day ended up being going back and forth between doctors trying to get information I thought they had months ago.

Then there was debate whether I should come for the treatment at all.

I am going and they are going to evaluate me and decide how to procede and whether to do the treatment.

So, I am praying that everything is good and we can go forward. 

I would ask you of whatever faith you are to pray for me also or even if you don’t believe to think good thoughts – that my oxygen levels will be good tomorrow and there will be no problems.

These treatments help me significantly in other ways and they have to put me under anesthesia to do them.

Please think and pray for me.

I appreciate you so much and I think that’s going to be all for today. Not much, I know, but that’s where my thoughts are tonight.



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