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Follow Up Funnels

Happy Friday! The weekend is here!

A friend came over today to help me with some yard work. We ended up calling the bishop to see if we could get some young men from church to come over to help out, but instead, he and another brother came over and they had it cleaned up and ready for the trash pickup on Monday in a couple of hours!

So, now my yard is much cleaner and the plan is for them to get a burn permit and have a wiener roast with the young men to burn the wood that we couldn\’t bundle for the city to pick up.

Yay for friends and helpful brothers!

So, back to the Your First Funnel Challenge!  It was great today, all about Follow Up Funnels (as Clickfunnels calls them, or autoresponder sequences as most of us know them by). 

I\’ve been playing with the workflow builder this afternoon and it really is good! 

Better than anything I\’ve used in any of the other autoresponders I\’ve used (and I\’ve used quite a few).  

If I can integrate with other tools I use (and I\’m sure they\’ll be doing more integrations), I might have to think about moving from Aweber to Clickfunnels for my autoresponder.

Another thing I found out today! The Funnel Builder offer that Russell presented yesterday is open to everyone not just to those on the challenge like I thought!

So I strongly suggest that if you haven\’t already, you get in on it!

It really is incredible!  It includes…

  • Funnel Builder Secrets course (value $1997)
  • Clickfunnels 2.0 (Funnel Hacker Plan) with 3 workspaces for 12 months (value: $5964)
  • Clickfunnels Classic for 12 months (value: $3564)
  • Funnel Scripts Unlimited Agency Account (value: $2997) (remember I was talking about this incredible software the other day)
  • Geru Agency Account Lifetime (value: $1997)
  • 10X Secrets Masterclass (value: $1997)

All for $1997!

And most incredible, you lock in the annual subscription to Clickfunnels 2.0 at $1997 per year after the free year.

Can you believe all that?

And I\’ve decided to add a few bonuses to sweeten the deal a tiny bit. So, when you pick up the Funnel Builder package, I\’ll add…

  • Tools For Effective Safelist Use ebook (by me) (value: $19)
  • Setting Up Your YouTube Channel From Scratch ebook (by me) (value: $19)
  • 3 Essential Tools For Online Business Growth ebook (by me) (value: $19)
  • Massive Mail Path course membership (value: $97)
  • 500x Solo Ads and 200,000 credits at Elite Ad Exchange (value: $6000)

That\’s nothing compared to what you\’re already getting I know, but just the solo ads and credits would cost you more than Russell\’s package!

So, click here and become a Funnel Builder!

By the way, you can choose to become a Certified Master Funnel Builder as well at an incredibly reduced price with more bonuses!

Click here if you want the Certification path!

Of course you\’ll get my bonuses if you take that path as well.

I hope you see the incredible value in this. If you haven\’t used Clickfunnels, you need to be using it as your funnel builder. It is better than anything else out there and this deal makes it a no-brainer.

Get yours today! Jump fast, it won\’t last long.

Let us know what you think...