Focus In Your Course

Rosina here.  Welcome to the new week! Happy Monday!

Hope you had a good weekend.  

The ward Christmas Party on Saturday was good. There was a live nativity that was very well done. 

Some of the youth were the angels all dressed in white. The shepherds had stuffed sheep that they carried to the stable to greet the Christ child. And the three wise men brought their gifts.

And, of course, Santa came and gave each child a gift after talking with them about what they wanted for Christmas!

My deaf friends were there so I sat and talked with them in between greeting all my other friends.

They came to our ward on Sunday for sacrament meeting too. It was fast and testimony Sunday.  The children were easy to interpret for… but the adults spoke in abstract concepts and told stories that were hard to interpret. 

Fast and testimony Sunday is always the hardest to interpret for and my interpreting skills are not what they were when I was younger before 30 years ago of little to no practice.  I just hope my deaf friends get something from my attempt.

They are coming again on Christmas Day, but I will be in Iowa visiting my Dad for Christmas. So their other ASL speaking friend in the ward will have to do the whole meeting instead of taking turns.

Now, back to online courses!  Have you sent in your learning centered sites yet?  I\’m still waiting to hear from you 🙂

And don\’t forget to vote on the ebook covers!  Do that right away…

Now you might think that putting together a course is hard…

But a course doesn\’t have to be some great big huge project!  It can be a simple 3 or 4 lessons that you sell for $7 dollars or so!

In fact, some of the best courses are short and highly focused on one topic like, for example, choosing an autoresponder, rather than being big and trying to cover everything on a big topic like list building.

And there are tons of people who are stuck on your highly focused topic, choosing an autoresponder, and would love to see a course on it!

And now-a-days there are some great tools to help you build your course. 

Course Reel AI is an awesome AI tool to help you with the content of your courses and developing your slides and everything. It\’s amazing what it can do, you have to see it!  I\’ve started using it

AI tools have come a LONG way recently and can do some pretty amazing things. Don\’t forget about the graphics one I told you about on Friday. Check it out too!  

And take a look at this amazing image I created with it today

And it\’s totally unique and mine. Never any worries about copyright because the AI made it just for me, it\’s mine!  And no using stock images that have been seen a million times before (and facebook and google mark you down for using stock images).

I used this image and another image I created with the AI to make these logos:

Shhh… don\’t tell anybody about this project I have in the works. I haven\’t announced it yet, so you\’re getting a preview.

I haven\’t decided which logo I\’ll go with yet so you\’ll just have to wait and see when I actually announce the project lol.

Now, I am NO graphics designer – far from it in fact, I\’m a terrible artist – yet I was able to make both those designs with the AI.  And I think they are pretty good, if I do say so myself… what do you think of them?

Want to learn more about the things I talk about?   Reply back with the subject \”Tell me more\”.  

To your success!


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