Daniel in the Lion's Den

Finding The Strength To Be And Remain Faithful

We\’ve been reading, this week, about Daniel and his friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednago.  

I love what the Come Follow Me manual points out about them: 

\”How did they find the strength to remain so faithful? They did those small and simple things that God has asked all of us to do—praying, fasting, choosing good friends, trusting in God, and being a light to others.\”

Those little things we choose to do every day are what really matters most to our ability to be and remain faithful throughout or life. We must do them in the good times and the hard times and the bad times.

When we try to do those little things, our testimony will be strengthened beyond what we imagine is possible and it will carry us through those hard and bad times.

I know I haven\’t always done those little things. But I am trying to do them now, and the strength it brings me is incredible.

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