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Finding Out About Them

Rosina here. Happy Tuesday!  I hope you had an awesome day! I had an awesome day talking to a variety of people.

I don’t have anything exciting to share though, unfortunately. So, let’s go on with what to do once you have someone’s attention on your social media account.

The next step is to get to know them and to find out what problems they have that what you are promoting can help them with.

Remember that you want to keep the attention off you and on them…

In other words you. want  to find out about them.

So start with some background questions…

Ask for example… 

What are you doing now…?

What are you using now…?

What do you use for …?

What type of … are you using for …?

How long have you been…?

What got you involved with…?

Think about all the things that will tell you about the program they are using right now so you can find out about it.

This is the beginning of engagement. You want to get them engaged in talking with you and telling you about their situation.

Check out tomorrow’s email and we’ll talk about where to take the engagement!

To your success!


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