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Finding Hot Topics (Part 2)

Rosina here. Welcome to the new week. Happy Monday!

It\’s Thanksgiving this week, so this will be rather a short week for writing. I probably won\’t write on Thursday, but I probably will write over the weekend.

It looks like I\’m going to my friend\’s house (the one I take to the school for the blind) rather than to my sister\’s house this year. Since my sister and family are going to her husband\’s mother\’s house.

Being single, I don\’t often do much on my own for Thanksgiving, I always go to someone else\’s house.  

It\’s too much work to prepare Thanksgiving dinner just for me (and most of it would go to waste anyway since there\’s no way I\’d be able to eat all the leftovers); besides Thanksgiving is a social experience.

I finally got my water pipe fixed today!  So, I have water in my house again! The water\’s been turned off for about 2 weeks (except for short times for essentials).

We\’re going to let the ground beneath the house dry out for a couple days, then put the floor back together. So hopefully I\’ll have my master bathroom back on Wednesday (but we might have to wait longer).  Yay!

Let\’s get back to talking about finding a topic for your online course.

The next way to find a hot topic involves Facebook.

Facebook groups (or other similar social media) are great places to find out what people really want to know about, and that\’s the definition of a hot topic.

Find some groups related to your niche and join them. (As a side note, start interacting in those groups and friending people who are active in those groups – these are a good resource for later.)

Now that you\’ve found several groups, check out what questions are being asked in those groups.

Go to the search bar and type in the word \”question\” and see what comes up.

That simple trick is probably the best way to find the questions being asked quickly!

Write down that list of questions and especially note when the same or similar questions are being asked multiple times and/or in multiple places.  Those are things people really want to know about.

Those two methods will find you lots of hot topics!

Your next question is probably, \”So I have a topic… what do I do with it?\”

We\’ll start talking about that tomorrow, so watch for it!

Omar Martin & John Thornhill have gotten together this year for their massive holiday release Black Friday through Cyber Monday!

I\’ll be talking about it over the next few days to share with you about it. It\’s going to be awesome and you\’ve got to see it.

Want to learn more about the things I talk about?  Want to work one-on-one with me?  Reply back with the subject \”Tell me more\”.  Let\’s talk.

To your success!

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