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Fighting FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Rosina here.  Happy Saturday! I hope you\’re having a great weekend.

I got my cleaning done and the laundry started early this morning. Then I got started working on the computer and never got my shopping done lol.

I guess the shopping will have to wait for Monday. And I better do it then or I will be out of some stuff.

Working on business stuff is so much more fun than grocery shopping lol.

It\’s so exciting and there\’s always something new to learn and work on.

Are you as excited by your business? If not, you need to find a niche or something you can be passionate about or develop the passion for what you are doing. You can do that, I promise.

We are often stopped by FUD.

Now what is FUD?

Besides being a fun word to say (try it, say it out loud)…

It stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

Consider where you are in your life?  Are you stopped in your life by any of these things or maybe even all of them?

We say, 

  • \”Oh, but I might not get it right…\”
  • \”What if I do it wrong…\”
  • \”I need to learn X before I can do Y…\”

Successful people go forward and push through these thoughts.  They do things despite it.

When you think these things, reframe them…

  •  \”What if I do it right…\”
  • Start Y and learn X along the way…

Then those FUD thoughts aren\’t so scary and we can move forward.

Did you check out that free training yesterday?  What did you think?

Pretty amazing isn\’t it.  $1000 with only $50 invested and a couple hours work.

In case you missed it, here\’s a link to it again.

Let us know what you think...