Stressed by online marketing? Most people are, even if you earn ‘decent’ money for relatively little work by comparison. Why are you still frustrated? Why do you want more and why can’t you get it?

There are two very basic and very overlooked reasons for this.

First, You are overwhelming yourself with too many tasks and not breaking them down into manageable pieces – therefore you give up altogether on the main goals.

Don’t take on too much. Now you’re probably saying – “But then I won’t do it fast enough.”

Believe me, if you don’t break it down into pieces you can manage, steps that are realistic, you won’t do it fast enough anyway, if at all – because if you’re taking on too much you’ll throw in the towel, get frustrated, say it’s all a big scam and GIVE UP before you know it. If this wasn’t true, there’d be billionaires made online every day.

No one really wants to give up. It’s just they’re not breaking it down into manageable pieces. Nothing can become too hard or too much to do if you just break it down.

For example:

Are you stressed by the idea of running your online business as it stands? Is it a drag? Are you afraid to scale up?

Well, the best way to deal with a stressful situation like this is to break it down into hours. Not days or weeks or your year plan.

Don’t focus on tomorrow or what happened last night, be here in this HOUR.

What do you have to do in just this next hour? Are there any problems in this moment right now?

Stay present.

Don’t worry and don’t get caught up in all the things along the line you have to still do to make it work best.

Everything – once you segment it – is doable, even easy.

It’s the self-created mental overwhelm that harms you – and harms your potential success. Everyone has the exact same resources… You must break it down into pieces.

List the things you can do in this one day, this one evening or morning that will move you a step closer to your goals. That’s it. Even if it’s not much, it’s far more productive than a fruitless frustration that may last a week or more, achieving nothing.

The second basic and overlooked reason is that you are comparing yourself to the guru ‘ideal’. That is, you are asking – “Why am I not making millions NOW? Like Frank or Bill or Super Marketing man?! They said it was easy and to just follow!’

You must understand that you are making progress. Always. If you’re reading this now, you are making progress. But you will not notice how much you are doing and you\’ll sabotage yourself instead because you’re too busy asking:

“Why am I not where he is? Why does she earn more money when I’m doing the same thing?”

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a vision to be like your guru or mentor – this is helpful and gives you a future aim. But wouldn’t it be smarter to compare your progress with those around you, your peers… ones that started at the same time as you. Not guys that are full-scale experts on this bandwagon for decades or the ones who have gotten lucky in their timing, approach or product. This is not you.

Stop comparing yourself with the stars. It will harm you because you will be blinded to your own progress because you will be constantly frustrated by your level of results compared to the guru’s results.

If you need some healthy competition to keep you going and keep you on target, your best bet is to compare yourself with friends and peers on YOUR LEVEL.

Yes, the guru should always be in your mind but it must be maintained as the vision, the ultimate aim – and not as the crutch that’s holding you back by frustrated comparison with your current progress. That will get you nowhere.

My best advice? If you want to beat anyone at the IM game… Beat yourself from yesterday.

Be your own personal best, every day, and one day you will be the “guru” that others aspire toward

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