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Facebook Advertising Commenting On Videos

Rosina here.  Happy Thursday! How\’s your week going?  We\’re coming to the weekend again lol. Time flies!

Do you like your signature with SignaSource? They\’re pretty amazing aren\’t they.

I had more sales today!  It\’s exciting.  Be sure you check out Massive Mail Path for yourself and get your own copy if you haven\’t already.

I waited for my friend at the school for the blind today, like usual. While there I worked on writing down some ideas that have been forming in my head. The ideas were streaming, even if I had to listen to the bingo game going on in the background.

So many ideas getting those creative juices going. Or maybe it\’s the other way around, because of the creative juices I was having all those ideas. I think it\’s a little bit of both, they kind of feed each other.

Getting back to advertising, Facebook can be a great and free way to advertise. Of course you can do paid ads with Facebook too.

There are tons of courses out there telling you how to advertise on Facebook by posting in groups.

I want to tell you about an alternative method that is more effective.

Let\’s say you have a product or even an optin page that you want to advertise. So go into Facebook and search for something in your niche.

Then click on the videos tab and look through the videos people have posted about that. 

Look for one with a good number of views and that has some good engagement with it.

Add a comment and say something good about the video and then say something like \”And I\’ve found this helpful too\” and post your link.

Don\’t be spammy, make sure you say something complimentary, don\’t just post your link.

It\’s been working great.

Now, earlier this week, Jono, one of my mentors released a new product that creates 3 step funnels to sell high ticket products.  

Check Klix out and get a copy for yourself.

Of course when you get your copy, as always I will add 500x solo ads at my membership sites. Just send me your receipt.

Let us know what you think...