Rosina here.  Happy New Year! I hope you are having a wonderful start to 2023!

I also hope you enjoyed my New Year\’s gift and my story of the New Year\’s Fairy.  She has always ben a wonderful tradition in my family.

I took my Dad to the airport today and sent him home. He should get home around 11pm tonight. He called me from Dallas to tell me that he was there and everything was going well.

We spent Sunday evening through today together. I took him to see his sister, a visit which they both enjoyed and we went to see the new Avatar movie together, which neither of us enjoyed – 80-90% of it is scenes of fighting and killing, senseless violence.  We had a good visit together.

Now it\’s time to get back to work on business again after all the holidays. It\’s good to take a break for the holidays, but it\’s good to get back to it again as well.

I was reading today in The Power of Full Engagement about facing the truth.   What do you think of when you think of facing the truth?

I think most of us tend to think of acknowledging our faults and the mistakes we\’ve made.  And this is very important!

But they pointed out that facing the truth also has a positive aspect that is just as important, if not more important.

When we face the truth, it also means to acknowledge and celebrate our strengths.

I think this is SO important!  See those positive parts of yourself. Acknowledge what you have done well and strive too keep doing it and improve upon it.

This leads to even more positive action in our lives. And positive action is what leads us to more and more success.

We need both sides of the equation. We need to acknowledge our faults and correct them, and we need to acknowledge our success and and build upon it.

What did you do good today? Reply and tell me about it; I want to hear your stories.

Acknowledge your success, then think how you can do that again and build on it.

Now a little bit about traffic.

Traffic is a very important part of our business. Traffic is visitors to our sites who then have the opportunity to buy our products and services.

How do you really get most of your traffic and how well does it convert?  Reply and let me know, I\’d like to hear your successes and where you are struggling.

Traffic Magic is a great way to get buyer traffic. And the more people that join, the better it will get. 

Let\’s get you set up as soon as possible!

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To your success!


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