Rosina here. Happy Monday!  It\’s the start of a joyous new week.

I\’ve been thinking a great deal and thinking deeply. 

I rewrote my bio on Facebook and my website last week and again this weekend.

And I still think it does not truly represent me.

For I am thinking WHY I am doing what I am doing.

Admittedly the book I am reading has opened my eyes to think of it from a new perspective and helped me put my feelings and thoughts into words, but the feelings and thoughts have always been there.

I started out with a why, but it\’s easy to lose perspective on it as you learn all about marketing and all the things you \”must do\” to sell products (not that they don\’t work and thus their allure).

But what really matters is the why.

And my why has always been to build people\’s success.

It\’s why I taught when I was in college and why I teach now.

It\’s why I did programming – to bring tools people could use for success.

It\’s why I trained service dogs.

I want to build others up. I believe in helping others be the very best they can be.

That is what I live for.

Do you want to go along with me? Will you build success?

Traffic Magic  and Massive Mail Path are things I built to help people succeed in their traffic needs.

But I haven\’t marketed them completely that way.

I have followed the typical marketing mentality that is pushed as the only way to sell… show how it is better and cheaper than other things, show its novelty and manipulate people to buy.

When truly what Traffic Magic is is a way to succeed by bringing them buyer traffic.

And Massive Mail Path teaches a way to succeed using free solo mailers.

I will be bringing that to their marketing.

Come along with me on this journey. Join me.  Reply back and let me know your feelings.

To your success!


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