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Effortless Enrollment – The Third Pillar of Attraction Marketing

Rosina here.  How\’s your weekend going? I hope you had a great Saturday and did something fun!

Since it\’s the weekend, just as I suspected, there\’s been nothing on the mess under my house. And, of course, I am without water except for the short times I turn it on to use the bathroom, etc.

My day was spent on transferring two domains, rosinabignall.com and pathtoonlinewealth.com, to a new hosting provider and getting those up and running again.  It took an amazingly short time with help from the people at Siteground. They have been amazingly helpful!

Let\’s get on to the third Pillar of Attraction Marketing.

The first pillar was Mastering Audience Attraction.

The second pillar was Authentic Influence.

Both of those are precursors to the sale, identifying the people who are interested and getting them to know, like and trust you.

The third pillar moves into the sale itself and is Effortless Enrollment.

To me, effortless enrollment is that people sell themselves on your product or opportunity. 

These people are coming to you and asking you to help them, and all you have to do is give them your link because they want to join you.

You are helping people solve their problem through your opportunity.

Do you see effortless enrollment this way?  What else do you see in effortless enrollment?

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Have an awesome rest of your weekend!

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