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Education – What You Do With What You Know

 I\’ve been asked to serve at church as a Family History Consultant, so I spent yesterday learning about my new calling. I just barely scratched the surface!

Today, I had a great time filming videos for Massive Mail Path.  So I\’m making good progress on my new product.

In my reading, I came across a good and very important point about education.  \”Education consists not so much of knowledge, but of knowledge consistently and persistently applied.\”

Many people think education ends when you get out of school. But so much of school is just accumulating knowledge. Education is really what you do with that knowledge; how you apply it.

And that makes all the difference in what you will make, for people are paid not for what they know, but what they DO with what they know.  If you want to be wealthy you have to seriously APPLY what you know.

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