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Duplication – The Fourth Pillar Of Attraction Marketing

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend!

I spent a couple hours with a friend of mine from church helping her get familiar with and what her next steps can be to find out more about her family. She only knew the names of people back to her grandparents and wants to go much further back.

In those two short hours, we found out the names of two of her great grandparents!  She was so excited!

We also found out some dates and more information about some relatives she already knew about.  She now knows what she can do to start finding out about more people in her family tree and how FamilySearch\’s ai can help her find them.

We are going to get together again in about a month to learn about indexing and any questions she comes up with in the mean time.

It\’s cool what you can do in a short time together!

Do you remember the first three Pillars of Attraction Marketing?

They are: Mastering audience attraction, Authentic influence, and Effortless enrollment.  (If you missed any of them, click the links to read about them)

The story above serves as a good lead in to pillar #4: Duplication.

Look at how we made things duplicatable and taught her the steps she could follow to do it again and again.

Duplication really is important. People need to be able to see what you have done and be able to do it themselves so that they too have success at whatever your product or opportunity is. 

When they can duplicate it, they will stay and continue to use your product or opportunity themselves.

And when they can duplicate it, they can teach more people to duplicate it and your success grows!

Think about that for a moment. Your success grows as you teach others to duplicate it. Amazing, isn\’t it!

One duplicatable system you\’ve got to check out is OLSP Dominators.

I joined it just a few days ago and am still going through the initial training for it, but I have already had two people join and I\’ve done very little to promote it… now THAT\’s duplication!

Wayne Crow teaches a very duplicatable system and has put things in place for you duplicate success.

Check it out for yourself!

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