Drifter or Driven?

Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday!  I hope you had a more productive day than I diid lol…

First thing this morning, I went to the courthouse to report for jury duty. I waited in line for nearly an hour and was assigned to panel J. I then had to wait in the jury preparation room for another 2 hours. (Luckily I had brought something to do.)  

When they got finished checking everyone in they had those of us on panel J line up at the back of the room. So I got up and headed to the back of the room.

Then they told us we were no longer needed, had fulfilled our obligation and could go home, lol.

That took half the day, the other half was filled with multiple trips to the bank because a transaction didn\’t go through and my usual marketing.

At least I got my marketing done, hopefully tomorrow I will also accomplish something other things.

During all my driving around today, I was listening to a recording of Russell Brunson from this year\’s Funnel Hacking Live.

He was talking about drifters and the driven.

Which do you fit into?

If you\’re an entrepreneur, you\’re probably in the driven category.

You\’re after something in what you do and you\’re willing to take the falls to get there.

But it\’s interesting how many drifters there are out there and how carefully we have to guard against being affected by them.

They tell us \”You\’ll never do that.\” \”You can\’t succeed.\” And \”Don\’t risk it.\”

Even the most driven of us can become drifters if we\’re not careful.

It goes perfectly along with discovering our WHY too as that\’s what really drives us and if we don\’t really know what it is, we become drifters.

Consider where you are for yourself.

Reply back and tell me what\’s driving you and what you\’re after.

And, of course, if you haven\’t read it, I strongly suggest Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

To your success!


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