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Don’t JUST Give Stuff Away

Rosina here.  Happy Thursday!  What did you do today?

I kept very busy starting at 5am with attending a webinar.

Then I forgot about an appointment I had at 7 ::shame faced:: when I got caught up dealing with issues from email.

Then errands.

Then Facebook and another webinar.

And another webinar which I didn’t attend all of because it turned out to be mostly a promo, not really learning anything.

Then working on a sales page.

And a doctor’s appointment and details about a project I’ll be working on for that doctor.

Oh then, dinner, lol.

What a hectic day, and tomorrow doesn’t promise to be any better, lol.

And I need to spend some time doing some research for the doctor’s project and starting to put together a proposal for it.

It’s not a rush, but I want to get started on it as it will bring in some good money and a satisfied customer – both things I won’t turn away!

It might possibly be two sites to work on if he decides to do the needed makeover on his current site not just the new program he’s launching.

So, busy, busy!

But it’s fun. 

I am enjoying everything I’m doing!

So obviously, I didn’t get anywhere on My First Website Challenge, and likely won’t tomorrow with working on that proposal.

So, what did I study today that I can share…

There are a variety of business models that you can use and each has it’s strengths and weaknesses.

I was listening to the Give Away Guy today and as you can guess, he likes to give stuff away.

And, in fact, a lot of funnels start with giving something away. 

But here’s the thing… when you give something away, make sure you always offer something to buy with the thing you are giving away.

A small percentage of people will click on the offering and some of those will buy.

So your funnel will go something like this:

Optin form -> Thank you page with free offer and link to -> Affiliate offer (or your own if you have one)

And you can do this with no website if you must, just a Google form and a Google Doc.  (Not recommended but it will work if you absolutely have nothing.)

Of course you have to drive lots of traffic to it to make it work, but if you do a good job picking your offer (a mid- to high-ticket offer works best) and presenting it, you will make money.

And meanwhile, you are building your list which you can continue to present offers to.

So, go find stuff to give away and start giving!

Also give stuff away to your list, then you can drop your optin form and just have the thank you page and affiliate offer.

Your list will love you.

I should probably do more of this too!

Want to know where to get stuff to give away?

 Write me back and say “Where can I get stuff to give away!”

To your success!


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