Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday! And Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

The people who teach, especially those who teach our children are incredible.  It takes a lot of patience and love and a desire to share.

My sister and her husband are two such people.  They teach children who have trouble reading for a wide variety of reasons and try to bring them up to grade level.

Don’t you hate it when you’re working away hard on something and suddenly you realize you are 10 minutes late for an appointment that is 30 minutes drive away!

Lol, I did that today. I drove as fast as I safely could and made it in less than the 30 minutes. Luckily, the doctor’s office wasn’t too upset with me.

Next time, I plan to be on time though, lol.

I do hate being late.

I spent most of the morning (other than the doctor time) working on marketing and contacting people about their High Desert Offer listing.

I had several people reply back to me very quickly \o/ .

Others I have to contact by phone since they don’t have any email or support address online.

I called a few, but didn’t want to contact restaurant owners during the lunch rush, so I put it away and never got back to it.

So, I will attempt to contact them before the lunch rush tomorrow.

I need to make a goal for how many businesses I will contact a day, like I have for how much time I will spend on my Facebook messenger contacts per day.  

It’s a great way to improve your success, when you make a very specific goal and make sure you keep it every day.

If you don’t have a specific goal, you have no goal at all, just a wish and you won’t achieve much.

I have a friend who, if I remember right, has a goal of contacting 6 of his team or 3 new contacts per day, with just that small of a number he’s making $1000 or more per week in new income, not counting his recurring income.

So, Write me back and tell me what area you have set a goal in, or just say “I’m interested.”

To your success!


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