Rosina here.  Happy Thursday!   I hope you are having a wonderful and productive first week of the new year!

I really got into things and got a lot done today. Take a look at my new site:

Now obviously I didn\’t do it all today.  In fact, I didn\’t even do it all myself – that\’s an awful lot of articles on a new site to have written them all myself around all the holiday stuff lol. 

But I did finish getting it set up with all the newest plugins and got it hooked up to google and adsense so that it can start being indexed and monetized.

It\’s always exciting to get something new going!

My next steps for it are to get an email list going for it and to set up a bot on it and get backlinks started on it.

Tomorrow I\’m going to work on improving my Traffic Magic sales page after all the meetings I have in the morning and running an errand to the UPS store to ship something to my Dad that he left here, lol.

My reading today in The Power of Full Engagement was about how we don\’t acknowledge the disconnect in our lives.

We often rationalize or flat out deny the behaviors in our lives that are damaging or don\’t fit with our core beliefs and values.

Maybe we blame other circumstances in our lives when thinking about the negative behaviors we are doing. Like \”oh, I have to get X done, so I don\’t have time to exercise\” or \”my boss doesn\’t acknowledge me, that\’s why I don\’t perform well\”.

Evaluate yourself, are there areas you do that in?  

I know I do sometimes. Sometimes I say, I just got too busy with some project to make a good dinner today. When I really should be making the time to make dinner and eat healthy, which will make a big difference to my health and thus to my whole life in the long run.

You can make a simple goal to stop yourself when you are doing that and acknowledge the real truth of what you are doing.

Take one thing at a time and look at it deeply.

Now for some time about traffic.

What did you do to generate traffic for your offer today?

Consider that question.  It\’s very important that we generate traffic each and every day. 

Traffic is the lifeblood of our internet business as it brings the people to your site so that you can start building a relationship with them that will lead them to invest in your products.

My goal is to do at least one thing that directly generates traffic each and every day. 

That may be sending a solo ad to some safelists. Or it may be purchasing a login ad or solo ad. Or it may be posting my link in an article on a website.

By doing something every day, you bring in a constant and steady stream of traffic so that you don\’t have massive swings in your progress

Joining and setting up Traffic Magic is a great way to do something to directly bring in traffic.

>>> Check it out today

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