Do What The Gurus Do

Rosina here.  Happy Friday!  The weekend is here again!

I hope you\’ve had a marvelous week!

I spent the day working hard on Traffic Magic to be released end of next week or at the latest the following week. I won\’t have a lot of prelaunch time but this is an evergreen and constantly building service.

I\’ll inform you more about it as we get closer to the release and I\’m ready for members.

I built much of the members area today and all the sales pages. I just need to finish a few things in the members area and film all the videos tonight and tomorrow.  It\’s going to keep me busy tomorrow!

Then it will be a matter of putting the Warrior+ products and offers in place, getting all the pieces of the service together, and testing everything next week.

Phew! A lot still to do, but it\’s coming together.

Have you voted on the ebook covers for the learning centered sites guide?  If not, go do it now! I want to hear from you.  Your input on that and the learning centered sites is very valuable!

Have you tried building a course before?

I\’ve made a few, but I\’ve failed at a lot more, lol.  There\’s so much to do, but it\’s soooo awesome when it all comes together. 

Now with CourseReel AI, I feel I\’ll be able to do a lot more successfully!  

I\’m not using it for Traffic Magic as it\’s not a course, but a service. But I have a whole list of ideas for courses written down that I\’m going to use CourseReel AI with.

I bet you have ideas for courses you\’ve thought about but haven\’t pursued because it seems like such a big thing. So get help with it and actually put them together.

The real success for marketers comes not from selling other people\’s products (though it\’s a good place to start), but from selling your own products – that\’s what all the gurus do, that\’s how they got their name in the marketing world.  Do what the gurus do, not just what they say.

So make your own products. Courses are the easiest kind of product to make and HIGHLY profitable.  Once it\’s made, it\’s close to 100% profit – there is very little maintenance cost.

Here\’s the link to see what CourseReel AI is.

And here\’s the link for the bundle I arranged for you.

Want to learn more about the things I talk about?   Reply back with the subject \”Tell me more\”.  Let\’s talk! 

To your success!

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