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Definition Of Genius

Happy Friday!  Labor Day Weekend is here.  

Are you doing something fun to celebrate this weekend?  It\’s generally considered the last chance to get away before fall sets in and it\’s all back to school and work.

As for me, I\’m being boring and staying home. I\’m planning to spend Monday working on my course I\’ll be selling soon. Hopefully I can get a good portion of the main training put together.

So Labor Day will come and go without much notice other than in these emails lol.  I\’ll just be laboring away…

As for today, I got a good bit done and finished all the sales pages and JV page. So really, I just have to do the content.

That may seem backwards, but it actually works really well because it makes me work with a definite plan in mind.  I put into words what will really be presented and puts the goal in mind. Now I just have to fulfill it and since I already have the plan that will go quite well.

Let\’s talk, today, about what it means to be a genius.  

A definition of a genius is \”an individual who has discovered how to increase mental intensity and concentration to the point where he or she can freely communicate with sources of knowledge not available through ordinary levels of thought.\”

In other words, he or she has learned to access Creative Imagination. Wouldn\’t you agree that defines a genius?

The question then is how can we increase mental intensity and concentration and listen to those sources of knowledge.

I\’ll leave you with that to ponder and talk more about it tomorrow.

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