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Definite Decisions

I took my friend to her School For The Blind today.  While waiting for her I was able to put together pages for two products I am reviewing. I just need to make the videos and post them.

I should be able to get those videos done tomorrow, around all the business meetings and errands, and Saturday and get them posted. So much fun to work on!

I\’d like another day of 5 or 6 videos but that wasn\’t in the cards for today or tomorrow.

Let\’s talk more about the sixth step to riches – Decision. Those who make decisions promptly and definitely know what they want and generally get it.

In other words, it pays to make decisions and stick to them.

All leaders make decisions quickly and firmly. That\’s one of the major reasons they are leaders.  The world makes room for those individuals whose words and actions exhibit that they know where they are going.

Definiteness of decision takes courage and faith. Not everyone will agree with you, in fact many won\’t and there will be plenty who try to discourage you. But if you have courage and stick to your decision you will succeed.

That brings me back to Automated Blueprint. Have you joined yet? If so, let me know.  If not, why not?

When you make that one simple decision to spend 10 bucks to get started and stick to it, spending a little bit of time each day promoting it, you can reap ample rewards and you will succeed.

It\’s simple really, follow the blueprint, work with your coach and let the coaches work with your prospects and do the hard work.  All you have to do is the simple job of advertising.

And all for 10 bucks for the first month.

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