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Decision – The Seventh Step To Riches

Can I rant a little?  I had another doctor appointment today and I arrived on time (in fact a little early), checked in and sat down in the waiting room.  

An hour and a half later I was still sitting in that waiting room! And it took almost another 20 minutes for them to get me in. Now, had I been running that late, they probably would have canceled or at the very least rescheduled my appointment, but somehow it\’s okay for them to make me wait almost 2 hours for my 10 minute appointment.

Sheesh, I had things to do other than sitting in a waiting room! My time is valuable.

I want them to spend the time needed with patients, but they need to schedule fewer patients if they cannot stay close to on time. It\’s not the first time I\’ve been to that doctor and had a long wait.

Okay, I\’ll quit ranting, but boy was it frustrating.

On to the seventh step to riches… Decision. 

It\’s important to be able to make decisions to be successful. 

People who are successful are quick to make decisions and slow to change them. People who fail are generally slow to make decisions and quick to change them.

Make a decision and stick to it.  

There is a good quote by Napoleon Hill, \”God seems to throw himself on the side of the individual who knows exactly what he wants, if he is determined to get just that!

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