Daily Spiritual Gathering

Exoodus 16:4

Then said the Lord unto Moses, Behold, I will rain abread from heaven for you; and the people shall go out and gather a certain brate every day, that I may cprove them, whether they will dwalk in my law, or no.


The Israelites were instructed to gather manna every day. We too should gather our spiritual manna every day by doing the things that will strengthen our relationship with God: prayer, scripture study, pondering, obedience, etc.


I am thankful for the members of my new ward, the Arrowhead ward, who came out today to help me get things moved into the house and the sisters who helped me clean and got me some needed items.

What did I do great today…

  • I put the brethren to work putting my furniture together and moving things into the house.
  • I shared my story with the sisters who were here helping me.
  • I went shopping and got meals to eat while I\’m moving in that won\’t take much preparation. 

Random Thoughts

The members of the Arrowhead ward were so wonderful today. So many of them showed up to help – more than I could use to be honest. They put together my furniture, brought more things into the house for me so I could unpack them, some ran back home for tools and cleaning supplies, rearranged things in the garage so I could get to some things that had been put in hard to reach places,  put new batteries in my smoke detectors, and they moved my too large refrigerator out to the garage so I\’m ready for a new one when I can get it.

One brother came back this evening, when it had cooled down some, and cleaned out part of my back yard of the weeds and goat-heads so that Kaidin would be able to go outside and not get sticky goat-heads in his paws. He was refusing to go out in the backyard until he absolutely couldn\’t hold it any longer because of all the goat-heads in the yard.

The brother promises that they\’ll put together more service projects and clear more of the yard. I wish I could remember his name but I am terrible with names.

They are so wonderful and I so appreciate all their help.

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