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Creativity And Genius

I watched an interesting National Geographic show this evening studying the wolves that were reintroduced to Yellowstone 20 some years ago.  It\’s interesting to see the stabilization effect they had on the wildlife. I found the study of one pair of leaders who led their pack for 9 years, nearly twice the lifespan of most wolves, particularly interesting.

Other than that I did some house and yard cleaning, the laundry and worked on some emails and webpages for the promotion of the cash now funnel. 

So I kept a busy day!

Let\’s talk about genius again.  I left you with the question to ponder of how do we increase mental intensity and concentration and listen to the sources of knowledge not readily available.

Those sources of knowledge are generally quiet, still, small voices or hunches that come when we are in tune with creative intelligence.

When we make a point of developing our link to the creative intelligence we develop that sixth sense.  

Do things that stimulate your creativity and you will find your abilities to increase mental intensity and concentration develop as well.  I believe there is genius in all of us, we just have to develop it.

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