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Creating Your Online Course

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday!

Thanksgiving is almost here, so Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you have some wonderful plans with friends or family!

I am going to my sister\’s house to spend time with her and her family and share a non-traditional non-turkey dinner of prime rib lol.  It will be good to see them and spend time together.

I may, or may not, stay through Friday, so I\’m taking clothes and stuff with me just in case I decide to stay. It\’s an hour drive without holiday traffic so I may not feel like making the drive home on Thursday or we may just stay up playing games until it\’s too late for an easy drive home.

The floor in my bathroom got repaired today!  So now I have water once again (been on for a couple days now) and no more hole in the bathroom floor.  Of course, I need to let the grout cure for at least 24 hours before I start using that bathroom again, but at least everything is done and I have water! Yay!

I\’m so thankful for friends from church who can do these fixing and repairs that I have no idea how to do and for far less and with far less damage than the plumber and restoration company estimated.  

He even cleared my sink drain so it doesn\’t backup and drain slowly anymore.  Home maintenance and repair is definitely not one of my skills.  He does kitchen and bathroom remodels professionally so he knows what he\’s doing

Alright, so back to our online course!

You\’ve found all kinds of great stuff to answer the question for the hot topic you\’ve chosen.

You can make a course out of it by doing things like…

Compiling a list of 7 (for example) different ways that are successful for that hot topic.  Each of the 7 can be a module and you do a quick outline of each for the lessons in each module.

Or create a step-by-step method to solve the problem from the answers you find. Each step can be a module.

And there\’s tons of other things you can do for a course on the hot topic.

You can easily pull these modules together while you\’re reviewing the answers you find so it doesn\’t take much extra time than the research time. 

It\’s just a matter of polishing up the outline and recording the videos or text.

Now that you have your course… what do you do with it? 

We\’ll be talking about that tomorrow, so stay tuned…

Oh yeah well, not tomorrow (it\’s Thanksgiving and I\’ll be taking a break and so should you), but next time I write which will not be at least until Friday or maybe Saturday.

And oh yeah, I promised to tell you about the other half of the Rapid Profits package!

The first part was the tried, tested and proven system that\’s sold over $23 million worth of products and services.

The second part is the video course that details the exact steps to generate triple figure digits daily commissions.

And that doesn\’t even include the bonuses which  add even more incredible training to these two awesome parts and alone are worth far more than the $9.95 they are charging for the whole thing. 

They are kicking off the Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale through a webinar on Thanksgiving evening. Be sure to register and attend! (yes I\’m going to try to be there – one reason my laptop is going with me).

Want to learn more about the things I talk about?   Reply back with the subject \”Tell me more\”.  Let\’s talk.

So now, have a Happy Thanksgiving and a great time with your family and/or friends!

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