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Creating Your Lead Magnet To Build Your List

Rosina here.  Happy Monday! It\’s a start of a new week!

I hope you\’ve had a wonderful start to the week.

I managed to finish my Profit Alliance review today!  I just have to finish cleaning it up and post it tonight. Then I\’ll send out an email with links to it so you can see it!

It\’s a bit later than I hoped as the launch ends tomorrow, but it\’s still a product that will serve people well even once the launch is over.

I really like what Michael has put together for OTO2, the 10X Profit Launchers, and I highly recommend you get it. 

Let\’s talk about your list again and using lead magnets to help get people on that list.

Remember people are giving you something valuable – their email and permission to contact them. You need to give them something of value back.

This is where lead magnets come in. You give prospects something valuable in return for their valuable attention.

Be sure you get to know your prospects…. what will they find valuable?

It should be something downloadable. It can be an ebook, an article, a checklist, something that they can use.  It can even be part of a larger project, like a leaked chapter of a book or a lesson from a course.

Very IMPORTANT: Don\’t be afraid to give out your best stuff for free.  The rewards can be huge!

And DON\’T get lazy when creating your lead magnet. It\’s that important. Remember often this is people\’s first exposure to you. You want that first opinion to be great!

Now, I\’m going to send out another email tonight with a link to Profit Alliance.  But that\’s not directly about building your list. 

So I want to point you to a great product that is about list building, since that\’s what we are talking about.

The List Building & Email Marketing Masterclass fits the bill. It is an incredible course filled to the brim with things you need to know about list building and email marketing.

And email list is your best resource in your business, no matter that business is. This course will help you develop it.

Click here and get your copy.

To your success!

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