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Creating Checklists From Your PLR

Rosina here.  Happy Weekend!  I hope you’ve had a great Saturday!

I got up, got the cleaning done and the laundry started, then got to work on a website, lol.

After a while, I put that away and got to work on my talk.

I was inspired because I was surprised how well it came out. Now we’ll just see if it goes well when I give it. 

It’s a little long, I think, so I might need to cut parts out of it to get down to 15 minutes.  I should probably read it aloud and time it to see.

Well I’ll do that in the morning, I have a few hours in the morning before church.

My poor washer didn’t handle the blankets I tried to wash in it very well, lol.  They were still dripping with water, so I set it to spin again, hopefully it will do better with only one of them at a time.

So, now, what next can we do with PLR.

We’re still on the easy and quick stuff to do.

Next we have Checklists!

Take your PLR and make a list of all the things the author says to do.

Or all the requirements they need to set up something.

These can be very similar to X steps to Y guides, in fact those could usually be done as a checklist just as easily.

But a checklist is not always a step-by-step process, so it doesn’t always work the other way around.

Format it nicely, either in a Google Doc, or as a web page and voila! Your product is done.

There are plenty of other one page products you could do, so be creative.

On Monday, we’re going to start on some products that take a little more work. So keep tuned in and look forward to Monday!

And I have another source of PLR for you, check it out!

Once again, there’s a lot of them I know, but most of them are free to join, so join and check them out.  Not everything they have is going to be great, but there is great stuff waiting to be found!

And, Write me back and tell me what you think of doing this, or what you’re going to do with all this.

To your success!


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