Exodus 24:3

… and all the people answered with one bvoice, and said, All the words which the Lord hath said will we do.


The children of Israel covenanted with the Lord. That was an incredible act of faith. We make equally important covenants today and in so doing witness our faith.


I am grateful for the church and the many things I receive through it.

What Did I Do Great Today…

  • I filmed 5 more videos today. Only 3 left to do.
  • I found the Zoom virtual backgrounds work really well for this.
  • I got more laundry detergent and was able to do more of the laundry I have piled up from the move.

Random Thoughts

I was able to get all those videos done today.  It takes me longer than Anthony because I have to do everything myself, but I got them done. 

It takes me about half an hour to do one 10 minute video, there\’s several steps involved but I\’m getting faster at them and some things I can\’t make go any faster.

I have to 

  • Put the script in the teleprompter and review it so I\’m familiar with it and clean it up.
  • Export the virtual background (I made them all last night) and import it into Zoom.
  • Record the video.
  • Render the video into mp4 format.
  • Rename the video so I know which one it is.
  • Get ready to do the next one.

Let us know what you think...