Happy Saturday! Are you having a great weekend?

I am. I got a lot accomplished today. Some of it was household stuff – laundry, grocery shopping, etc. – things that have to get done every week, but you can have fun doing them. Some of it was filming videos for my new product, which was very fun indeed.

It also rained quite a bit today, so that was a good thing too. Unfortunately, I didn\’t catch the news this evening, so I don\’t know how the fires are doing, but I\’m sure the change in weather is helping a lot.

You have absolute control of but one thing. Do you know what that one thing is?  Think about it.  That might actually give you a clue to the answer.

The one thing you have absolute control of is your thoughts.  

You can control whether what you think about is positive or negative and whether it will lead you to success or failure.

If you fail to control your own mind, you will most assuredly control nothing else.

Control your own thoughts and you can lead yourself to success in all that you do.

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Tomorrow is Sunday, so I won\’t be writing tomorrow. Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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