Rosina here.  How\’s your Thursday?  Hope you had a good one!

I am exhausted tonight.  

The school for the blind that I take my friend to each Tuesday and Thursday had a Halloween party today and I think that used up a lot of my normal energy.

It was a good party, just a lot of energy. 

They had a costume competition and invited some guest judges in to pick the winners.

\"FriendsMy friend dressed up like a panda. She didn\’t win, but oh well. She had tons of great competition.

Here\’s a picture of her and another friend dressed as Cleopatra. (I did actually manage to take a picture this time 😽)

Are you curious about the third level of value?

The first two levels, Implementation and Unification are also on my blog in case you missed them.

Remember that value is what creates income.

The third level of value is Communication.

This level is where those who communicate value are. These are authors, speakers, course creators, singers, performers, and others.

You can see, they produce value by what they communicate to others.

Their income is only limited by how much they can communicate to others. When thousands of people buy their book, they receive income from that communication to those people.

Are you in the communication level?

I have written several books and courses and that is one way I do fit into communication.

Be sure to look tomorrow for the fourth level of value!

To your success!

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