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ClickFunnels 2.0 Review

Rosina here.  It\’s Friday evening and the weekend is here! I hope you\’ve had a marvelous week.

I had a fun time playing with software and learning new things.  I promised a couple days ago to tell you about it and that\’s what I\’m going to do today.

But first, my giveaway is going well. One person even has 44 entries!  And there are several others with high number of entries. The viral aspect is certainly showing itself.

Okay, so the software I\’ve been playing with is Clickfunnels 2.0. It was launched this week and you can get a 30 day free trial by registering for the Your First Funnel Challenge for free and getting the VIP access (which costs $29 for shipping of the free package they are sending you).

So Clickfunnels 2.0 is a total rewrite of Clickfunnels from the ground up and boy is it improved.

It\’s faster for sure and lighter weight but with more features.

They\’ve introduced a \”Funnel Hub\” concept so that it\’s more about building your entire website than just the separate funnels.

They have themes now, so that all your pages can look similar without having to build each one up separately and missing something.

You can also build pages that don\’t fit with the theme if you want.

You can also have \”Universal elements\” that are the same on whatever page they show up on. And if you make a change too it that change is reflected on all the pages where it appears.

The builder is much improved with a lot more options.  Elements can follow the theme typography or override it for individual elements.

There\’s even an experimental feature that lets sections act as elements which will be incredibly useful when they get the bugs ironed out. For now, it\’s suggested that you don\’t use it on production pages.

The courses are vastly improved too!  There are now more than two levels. In fact modules can have modules inside of them as well as lessons. 

And the layout can be much more individually controlled so you can show modules and lessons in any way that fits you not just the few layouts provided in 1.0.

Unfortunately, the price is higher (go figure) and you can\’t easily move your funnels to the new platform.

There are still quite a few bugs they are working on, but if you are considering Clickfunnels, definitely go with 2.0. And if you already use Clickfunnels it will be well worth the time to check it out even if you\’re not ready to go full in yet.

Click here to register for the Your First Funnel Challenge and check out Clickfunnels 2.0.

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