Choosing An Offer For Your Traffic Source

Rosina here. Happy Wednesday!  How was your day today?

I have a beautiful kitty cat laying on the bed next to me as I write this. 

He\’s a beautiful gray tabby and so cute and cuddly.

He loves to sit in my arms as I\’m trying to work on the computer in the mornings, lol.

I love him.

Ah well, on to other things.  

I spent some time in ChatGPT today and boy I was amazed at what I got out of it.

It wasn\’t perfect or as good as a good copywriter can do, but it was better than I can do!

It\’s a free tool (who knows for how long), so if you haven\’t used it give it a try.

It\’s a major resource hog though, especially when it\’s sitting there in an open window not being used. So when you\’re done with it close the window!

I\’ve been using other AI tools for a while now and it\’s amazing what they can do.

I create nearly all the graphics I use on my websites through a tool called Graiphics. 

It\’s awesome. 

Just describe what you want and watch as it creates an image of it.

It\’s the same with ChatGPT only with words instead of pictures – describe what you want and watch as it generates it.

\”Create sales copy for XXX which is YYY\”


\”Create an outline for a course about ZZZ\”

and watch in amazement.

It\’s pretty incredible.

Now let\’s talk about traffic.

You want to drive traffic with purpose – not just to make money.

You have to line up the shot like you\’re playing pool.

What does that mean?

Well you need to consider what those people (and remember they are people not just numbers) are really interested in before deciding what to present to them.

For example, take the traffic you get from Traffic Magic

What kinds of things do you think they will be interested in?

Even just considering the name of the source should give you some clue, lol.

These people are most likely in the make money online niche and are likely seeking traffic as a primary or secondary motivation.

So offers to present to them would include various things in the make money online niche including more ways to get traffic.

Of course you don\’t want to promote Traffic Magic to them (they already have it ;), but there are other methods you may know about that you may want to promote.

And of course, other topics in the make money online niche.

This is how you evaluate what offer(s) to promote to specific traffic sources:

  • consider where your source is coming from
  • evaluate the niche they represent
  • look for offers in that niche
  • consider what offers match up with that specific source

Then you can choose your offer and promote to that source!

Now if you haven\’t joined Traffic Magic yet, I highly suggest you do. 

And get it set up and driving traffic to your offer quickly!

So, go check it out.

Want to talk to me about any of this? Reply back to me with \”Tell me more\”. I look forward to hearing from you!

To your success!


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